“Regional School of Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety” was carried out by The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) between 22 April and 03 May 2019 in Ankara and hosted by TAEK. 29 foreign and 3 domestic participants were joined at the training, under the technical coordination of Dr. Emine Özdemir from the Department of Foreign Relations.

The school was carried out successfully under the leadership of Mr. Shahid MALLICK, head of UAEA Programme and Strategy Coordination Section, with the contributions of experts from UAEA, Ms. Helen Sandra RYCRAFT, Ms. Olga PEREZ ALONSO, Mr. Abdul Nasir AFGHAN, Mr. Cesar CANDAS VILLAR and Mr. Jose GIL MARTIN.

During the two-week training, the first technical visit was made to the Proton Accelerator Facility operating under the Department of Radiation and Accelerator Technologies.

Second technical visit was made to the University of Hacettepe, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiotherapy.

The last visit was made to the Department of Radiology of Ufuk University School of Medicine.

The school was successfully completed and all participants were given certificates.