First FDG Produced at TAEK-PAF

PET irradiation vault

As reported earlier, the first fluorine-18 radioisotope production has been made on October 13th, 2011 during tests at the TAEK Proton Accelerator Facility (PAF) in Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center. This time, tests for two Synthera modules for production of Floro-Deoksi-Glikoz (FDG) were successfully completed in December 20-21, 2011 and FDG was produced for the first time at PAF. Information for tests is presented in the table given below.

Test No Cyclotron data for the production of F-18 Activity of F-18 at FDG hot-cell Activity and volume of FDG produced
1 Energy: 18 MeV
Proton current: 30 µA
Irradiation time: 40 minute
66.53 GBq (1,8 Ci) 42.4 GBq (1,1 Ci)
10 ml

2 Energy:18 MeV
Proton current: 30 µA
Irradiation time: 45 minute
71.26 GBq (1,9 Ci) 43.5 GBq (1,2 Ci)
10 ml


The irradiation time was kept lower than normal production. The irradiation time of about 2 hours for normal production will yield about 3 Ci activity of FDG before distribution.