Test for 1.2 mA Proton Beam Current Completed at TAEK-PAF

The proton beam current of 1.2 mA was achieved for the first time on January 23rd, 2012 during commissioning tests performed at the TAEK Proton Accelerator Facility (PAF). The beam produced was transmitted to the R&D beam line for one hour and the beam was stable throughout the test period.

The cyclotron type of accelerator at the Facility is Cyclone 30 type designed and manufactured by Ion Beam Applications (IBA) and has the capability of accelerating protons at variable energy of 15−30 MeV and variable current (max. 1.2 mA). The cyclotron at PAF is the first-of-a-kind design of IBA with high proton current capability. High beam current could serve for reducing irradiation times needed for producing certain radioisotopes with higher yield and for R&D purposes.

The cyclotron at PAF has a high power radio-frequency system (100 kW) and an external ultra bright ion source that has the capability of producing negative hydrogen ions of 15 mA.