Expansion of Scope of Approval

Expansion of scope of approval according to the Article 13 of Regulation for Approval of Equipment Procurement Process and Manufacturers for Nuclear Facilities:

(1) Approved manufacturers willing to change the approved equipment list, shall submit to the Authority an application with the following documents:

a) All documents of cited in Article 9, that need to be updated with change in the scope of equipment, From the documents cited in Article 9, those required to be renewed and/or added for equipment asked to be included in the approved scope,

b) Bank receipt of the authorization fee,

(2) Manufacturers with an approval certificate that needs extension within 6 months, cannot apply for expansion of scope

(3) Application for scope expansion is assessed by the Authority in thirty (30) working days. If needed, this period can be extended and this extension is notified to the Owner in written form.

(4) After review and assessment, if the application is found to be inadequate, or if for some other reason approval certificate loses its validity during the assessment, application is denied and the service fee is not returned.

(5) For applications, found to be adequate as a result of review and assessment, scope of approval is expanded by the Authority.


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