First Proton Beam was Generated at TAEK-PAF

First proton beam was generated and accelerated at the Proton Accelerator Facility (PAF) on June 18, 2011 (Saturday) at 09:50. The beam current and energy were 3 micro Ampere and 3 MeV, respectively. The tests are continuing on accelerator system as scheduled. The cyclotron type of accelerator at the Facility (Cyclone 30 designed and manufactured by IBA) is the first one in Turkey with the energy of 30 MeV.

TAEK-PAF is established to produce Iodine-123, Flourine-18, Indium-111, Gallium-67 and Thallium-201 used for diagnosis of organs and several diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, physiology of brain and its pathology, coronary diseases and heart imaging. The production of radiopharmaceuticals, quality control of products and distribution of products as patient dose will be conducted at the Facility. Besides, research and training activities in nuclear field will be undertaken at TAEK-PAF.

The construction of PAF was completed on December 10, 2010. The installation of 16 hot-cells was completed on April 1, 2011 after a one month installation period. Cold tests and on-site training for hot-cells will be started by the end of June. The installation of cyclotron and target systems was started on February 28, 2011. First tests for generating proton beam were started on June 18, 2011 after the commissioning of the PLC system for cyclotron control system.

Cyclone 30 Proton Accelerator

Control Room of PAF

Installation at PET Irradiation Vault

Installation at SPECT Irradiation Vault

Installation at I-123 Irradiation Vault

Irradiation Vault for R&D