Protocols for Cooperation between TAEK and Kazakhstan Academy of National Sciences, Kirghizistan Academy of National Sciences, Uzbekistan Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, and Ministry of Health of North Cyprus

Protocols for Cooperation were signed between TAEK and Kazakhstan Academy of National Sciences, Kirghizistan Academy of National Sciences,  Uzbekistan Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, and the Ministry of Health of North Cyprus Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy.

The topics agreed by the those countries that are both parts of NPT and members of IAEA are as following;

  • Cooperation for the application of nuclear techniques to agriculture, livestock, medicine, industry, environment, radioistope and radiopharmaceutical production, radiation health and safety, uranium research and production, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear energy production, nuclear reactor safety, nuclear regulations, NDT, etc...
  • Arrangement of joint conferences, congress, seminaries, semposiums, negotiations, and training programs,
  • Establlishing joint laboratories, and providing the scholars with  training, mutually,
  • Establisment of an executive committe in TAEK Headquarters in order to determine and  monitor joint activities, to resolve mutual problems. Executive Committe will gather annually,
  • Taking initiatives of the parties for financial support from the governments and international organizations in order to carry out the joint cooperation projects.