Division of Strategy Development performs the following tasks according to the Public Financial Management and Control Law numbered 5018 and Regulation about the Working Methods and Principles of Strategy Development Units;

a) To determine the middle and long term strategies and policies of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEA) within the framework of national development strategies and policies, annual program and government program,

b) To perform the studies about the determination of the mission of TAEA,

c) To develop the performance and quality standards on the tasks of TAEA and perform other tasks given within this scope,

d) To collect, analyze, explain the data and give advices about the management of TAEA and the development of the services and performance,

e) Within the scope of tasks of TAEA; to examine the external factors that influence the services, to perform capacity researches in TAEA, to analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction level of the services and perform general researches,

f) To perform the services relating to the management information system,

g) If the Strategy Development Committee of TAEA is established, then to perform the services of the secretariat,

h) To coordinate the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of TAEA and to carry out the studies for the consolidation of these results,

i) To prepare the administrative budget containing the budget estimations of the following two years in line with the strategic plan and annual performance and to follow and evaluate the conformity of the activities of TAEA,

j) Within the frame of budget principles that will be defined in accordance with the regulation, to prepare the 'Detailed Expenditure Program" and to ensure the allowance to be sent to the relevant units taking into account the service requirements,

k) To record the budget, to sum up and evaluate the data about budget implementation results and to prepare “Final Budget Settlement” and financial statistics,

l) To accrue the revenues in accordance with the regulation, to follow-up and collect the revenues and receivables,

m) To execute the accountancy services,

n) To prepare the "Administrative Activity Report" based on the unit activity reports prepared by expenditure units,

o) To edit summary charts relating to the movable and immovable that are in the possession or in use of TAEA,

p) To coordinate the preparation of the "Investment Program” of TAEA, monitor the implementation results and prepare the annual "Investment Evaluation Report",

q) To execute and conclude the financial works and procedures of TAEA that need to be followed besides other administrations,

r) To provide the necessary information about the implementation of other regulations on financial laws to senior manager and expenditure authorities and provide consultancy,

s) To execute pre-financial control activities,

t) To work on the establishment of internal control system, implementing and improving of the standards and to make the necessary preparations to increase the effectiveness and productivity of senior management function towards the internal audit,

In addition to the above mentioned tasks, Division of Strategy Development also performs the followings;

a) To prepare the draft of annual "Working Program" according to the policy and aims of TAEA

b) To ensure the evaluations and coordinate the project proposals that are within the "Working Program", developments in the projects, amendment requirements about the allowance of time and project parameters and project results,

c) In accordance with TS EN ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems: Conditions Standard; to coordinate the activities about the establishment, implementation, providing the continuity and continuous improvement of efficiency of Quality Management System in TAEA,

d) Within the scope of Electronic Public Information Management System; to coordinate the studies of Service Inventory Data Base, State Organization Data Base and Standard Dossier Plan.

The Division of Strategy Development performs the above-mentioned tasks and responsibilities by means of the below 5 (five) branches;

1) Strategic Management and Planning Branch,

2) Performance and Quality Standards Branch,

3) Financial Services Branch,

4) Internal Control Branch,

5) Administrative and Financial Management Branch.