Atomic Energy Commission

Members of Atomic Energy Commission 




 President of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority


Veysel UYAR

 Vice President of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority


Doç. Dr. Mustafa ÖZDEMİR

 Vice President of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority



 Vice President of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority


Müh.Yb. Erdinç DİNÇER

 Ministry of National Defense 


Büyükelçi Hakkı Emre YUNT

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Prof.Dr. Mehmet Haluk AKSEL

 Middle East Technical University


Prof.Dr. Semih KÜÇÜKARSLAN  

 İstanbul Technical University


Prof.Dr. Kemal Metin KIR

 Ankara University


Prof.Dr. Ayhan YILMAZER

 Hacettepe University


The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), under the chairmanship of the President of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, consists of the Vice Presidents, one member from each of the Ministries of National Defence, Foreign Affairs, Energy and Natural Resources and of four faculty members in the field of nuclear energy. The representative members of the Ministries and educational organizations are selected by the Prime Minister for four-year terms of appointment.

The Prime Minister Presides the Atomic Energy Commission meetings whenever he deems necessary.

The representatives of the other related Ministries may participate to the meetings of the Atomic Energy Commission according to the principles determined by the Prime Ministry.

The working system of the Atomic Energy Commission is arranged by a regulation.

Duties of AEC are:

  • To set the working principles and programs of TAEK, to approve the draft budget for submittal to the Prime Minister,
  • To draft and submit to the Prime Minister laws and decrees related to nuclear field, and to approve the regulations drafted by TAEK,
  • To observe and evaluate the studies of TAEK, to submit the annual work program and annual work report to the Prime Minister,
  • To submit the necessary arrangements reviewing the organization and posts against the developing needs of the Authority for the approval of the Prime Minister.