Dosimetry Unit

The main activities of the dosimetry unit are on personal and accident dosimeter, identification of irradiated food stuffs and dating of geological, archaeological and anthropological samples with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) and Thermoluminescence (TL) techniques. Dosimetry unit has Co-60 and Cs-137 experimental gamma irradiation sources having the dose rates 0.79 kGy/h and 0.54 kGy/h (In July 2010), respectively. The dose rates of the gamma sources are traced by NPL (National Physical Laboratory) with fricke and alanine dosimeters certificated by NPL every year.


  • Detection of irradiated foodstuffs
  • Dating of geological, archaeological and anthropological samples
  • Research on various organic and inorganic materials in means of accident dosimetry
  • Preparation of EPR/alanine dosimeters
  • Calibration of routine dosimeters (PMMA dosimeters)
  • The measurement of absorbed dose between 25Gy and 100 kGy in medical products and foodstuffs
  • Dose mapping


  • The productions of synthetic minerals as personal dosimeter.
  • The investigations of materials as accident dosimeter.
  • Dating of geological and archaeological samples.
  • The detection of irradiated foodstuffs.


  • ISO/ASTM 51607-04 -Standard Practice For Use of The Alanine /EPR Dosimetry System
  • ISO/ASTM 51261:2002-Guide For Selection And Calibration of Dosimetry Systems For Radiation Processing,
  • ISO/ASTM 51707:2005-Guide For Estimating Uncertainties In Dosimetry For Radiation Processing,
  • E1026-04E1-Standard Practice for Using the Fricke Reference-Standard Dosimetry System.


  • EN 1787:2005 –Detection of Irradiated Food Containing Cellulose by EPR Spectroscopy (The EPR dosimetry laboratory was accredited on EN 1787:2005 method by TURKAK).
  • EN 13708:2001-Foodstuffs-Detection of Irradiated Food Containing Crystalline Sugar By EPR Spectroscopy.
  • EN 1786:1998 –Detection of Irradiated Food Containing Bone –Method by EPR Spectroscopy.
  • EN 1788:2007 – Detection of Irradiated Food from Which Silicate Minerals Can Be Isolated- Method by Thermoluminescence.