Accelerator Physics Unit

The main tasks of the unit are to conduct studies about accelerators and their uses taking into account the needs of the country towards the strategy, to contribute to other studies that proceeding works within the country, to provide leadership and follow the developments in the world.

The studies in the context of the projects at unit are as follows:

  • TAEK Proton Accelerator Facility (Beamline studies for Facility’s R&D vault)
  • Beamline Design for Charged Particle and Measurement of the Beam Parameters
  • Linac-LHC based ep, gp, eA and gA colliders
  • Physics/Detector Simulations for CLIC Experiment and TR-Grid Applications
  • Beam Dynamic, Diagnostic, Control Techniques and Applications of Beam

TAEK Proton Accelerator Facility Project 


  • The scope of the project is construction of the  building in which will be installed accelerator system (cyclotron type accelerator) with 15-30 MeV beam energy and 1.2 mA beam current and related laboratories, to get required devices, equipments and systems, to complete their tests and installation and training of the related staff.
  • The facility mainly consists of four irradiation vaults and four beam transport lines which are three of them will be used for radioisotope production and one of them will be used for R&D studies.
  • At the present construction phase is being carried on. Most of the equipments which will be installed in the facility have already received and stored in warehousing. The construction phase will be finished in 2011 and the installation, test and acceptance tests will be completed in end of the 2012.
  • The studies regarding with R&D beamline are being carried.

Beamline Design for Charged Particle and Measurement of Beam Parameters Project 

  • The mainly goal of the project is to contribute to R&D studies at TAEK Proton Accelerator Facility and other accelerator projects by gaining experience about design of beam line and related parts.
  • The design and construction of dipole and quadruple magnets have been done for the project.  The works on beam characteristics measurements and ion source system also going on.


Linac-LHC Based ep, gp, eA and gA Colliders

CLIC Physics/Detector Simulations and Applications on TR-Grid

Beam Dynamic, Diagnostic, Control Techniques and Applications of Beam Projects 

  • The largest particle physics center of the world is CERN. It was established by 12 founding countries in 1954. Turkey is an observer and candidate country, as well.
  • With the project that support by State Planning Organization and  implement projects by non-institutions authority, the studies in the field of basic and applied nuclear and particle physics and accelerator physics at the national and international centers are  participated and supported.
  • Our unit members take place as researchers in this projects.