Gamma Irradiation Plant


The multipurpose tote box type gamma irradiation plant was established in Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center (SANAEM), in 1993. The irradiation source is Cobalt-60.  Irradiation facility is used for sterilization of the single-used medical supplies, food irradiation and cross-link of polymers. Dosimeters are used to measure the absorbed dose by the irradiated products.  After measuring the dose, the irradiation certificate is prepared and the products are released. This kind of radiation does not leave any radioactive residue or any of the irradiated products to become radioactive.

Radiation Microbiology Laboratory (RML)

RML was assembled in 1993 in order to establish the radiation sterilization dose of medical supplies. Beside, sterilization dose audit carried out to confirm the continued appropriateness of the sterilization dose. All of the procedures described above have been applied successfully in RML since established in order to reply the demand of the manufacturer firms. RML is the only accredited laboratory in Turkey which gives service in this area.