Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center


  • Application Division

    Application of all kind of audit, measure and required interventions for the radiation protection of ÇNAEM  first of all, and then public and environment in the field of interaction of ionizing radiations with matter and livings,

    Providing services for radiation protection,

    Applied investigations on the biological effects of radiation,

    All kinds of biological dosimetry, cytogenetic, radiobiological works,

    Radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical applications for the needs of  industry and medicine, development and  creating an applicable form of these kinds of materials, their quality controls, radioisotope applications  for the instrumentation and purpose of quality control in industry,

    Executing of non-destructive testing activities,

    Executing the following activities on the above mentioned subjects: Laboratory arrangement, industrial relationship, applications of quality assurance and personel training on this subject, providing technical consultancy for the TAEK and ÇNAEM on the expertise field.

  • Measurement and Instrumentation Division

    Measurement and Instrumentation Division performs the monitoring of the environmental radioactivity, provides technical support for nuclear safety and forensics, applies and conducts research on radiological and related techniques considering the principle of public health and safety in the scope of research and development activities taking the benefit of atomic energy for scientific, technical and economical development of our country.

  • Research & Development Division

    Research & Development (R&D) Division's mission is to carry out innovative researches, scientific and technical investigations in frame of the decision and vision of the presidency of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) in order to achieve the development of the country in the nuclear energy field and related technology by following the mission and the vision of SANAEM. R&D  Division of SANAEM consists of 5 main divisions which are listed below in order to carry out nuclear and nuclear-related researches.

  • Technology Division

    Technology Division (TD) has been focusing on the activities which were stated in TAEA’s Establishment Law; Nr.2690. Studies carried in Technology Division are mainly based on, ionizing radiation and materials interactions ranging from polymers to metals. Thus investigation and some fundamental researches on detectors and dosimeters in terms of laboratory scale studies have been activated. Technology Division’s activities are also carried on personal and accident dosimeters, identification of irradiated food stuffs and dating of geological, archaeological and anthropological samples with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) and Thermoluminescence (TL) techniques. Moreover TD’s laboratories give routine analysis service apart from SNRTC itself, to the other official and private sectors of Turkey, including universities, research centers and private companies.