Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center (Sarayköy Nükleer Araştırma ve Eğitim Merkezi−SANAEM) is located in Ankara and was established on 1 July 2005. It is a governmental research center and as such, may cooperate with universities and other scientific and research institutes for the development and application of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses of atomic energy.


Mission of SANAEM is to conduct research, development and application to enable our country to benefit utmost from nuclear technology and techniques, to develop infrastructure to acquire nuclear technology, to collaborate with other institutions in nuclear science and technology and to develop the qualified manpower in the nuclear field.


Vision of the SANAEM is to become a competitive perfection center of Turkey holding the phenomenon of being a knowledge community on the main axis of the sustainable development, focusing on the continuous improvement of competence and awareness that is receptive to innovativeness in nuclear sciences and nuclear technology.  


Authorization, Duties and Responsibities:

Authorization, duties and responsibilities of SANAEM covers all kinds of research, development and research applications, in which nuclear technology and techniques are utilized, on the direction of the politics and targets determined by the Presidency of TAEK. SANAEM, as an affiliated organization of TAEK, is responsible of doing researches, developments, applications and training organizations and conducting services, as it is emphasized in the grounds of 4th article of No:2690 TAEK Law.

Authorization, duties and responsibilities of SANAEM is written below:

a)      Conducting all kinds of research, development and analysis activities, which enables the country to improve in scientific, technical and economical issues, utilizing the atomic energy.

b)      Conducting nuclear technology based studies to add value to the country industry.

c)       Leading the usage of nuclear techniques and their implementations in the country

d)      Providing measurement and analysis services.

e)      Providing personnel dosimetry service.

f)       Performing activities to protect workers, society and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation

g)      Providing irradiation services for industrial and experimental purposes.

h)      Providing service and to be active in the field of ionizing metrology.

i)        Providing service and to be active in the field of accelerator technology. Publicizing the application of accelerator technology towards the environmental protection and industrialization to our country

j)        Implementing and operating radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production facility, conducting quality control of obtained products and distributing it as a patient dose.

k)      Providing service for calibration of the radiation measurement devices and irradiation.

l)        Developing and producing radiation measurement-monitoring devices and systems.

m)    Carrying out training activities within the scope of nuclear techniques and applications.

n)      Performing the other duties assigned by the President or the related Vice President.

All activities in SANAEM are conducted by Proton Accelerator Division, Health Physics Division, Radioactivity and Analytical Measurements Division, Technology Division, Radiation Metrology Division and Nuclear Techniques Division, which are on the organization chart of SANAEM that is modified in compliance with the TAEK Organization, reconstituted after the 30.03.2012 dated and 1773 numbered approval of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.