Being the reference laboratory on ionizing radiation measurements in Turkey, Radiation Metrology Division is international representative of TAEK and provides services related to reference ionizing radiation calibration and measurements.

Radiation Metrology Division carry out the following activities:

  • Validation and application of primary and secondary standardization methods in the field of radionuclide and dosimetric metrology,
  • Radionuclide and dosimetric measurement and calibration services,
  • Organization of proficiency and inter-comparison tests in the field of ionizing radiation at national and international scale,
  • Preparation of certified radioactive standard reference materials and calibration sources needed by the laboratories throughout Turkey,
  • Organization of training and workshops on radioactivity measurements and ionizing radiation metrology in order to increase and share experience,
  • Cooperation with national and international organizations in the field of ionising radiation metrology,
  • Development of ionising radiation metrology infrastructure by involving in the international metrology research projects

In the Radionuclide Metrology Laboratories of Radiation Metrology Division, reference measurements are realised by using the systems and instruments, most of which are unique in our country used for standardisation of alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides. Certified radioactive standard calibration sources and reference materials are prepared. National and international proficiency tests for radioactivity measurement laboratories are organised.

Proficiency Tests conducted:

TAEK-RMB-2013-01 Proficiency test on the determination of Cs-137 and K-40 activity levels in processed black tea

TAEK-RMB-2015-01 Proficiency test on the determination of activity concentrations of natural radionuclides in soil

Radioactive Standard Reference Material:

TAEK-RM-1 Black Tea Powder



Well type NaI detector system (Primary standardisation)

Ionization chamber (Secondary standardization-PTB)


TDCR (Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio) system (Primary standardization)


Compton suppression spectrometer (Secondary standardization)


DSA (Defined Solid Angle) Alpha particle counting system(Primary standardization)