Radioactivity Measurement and Analysis Unit

Analysis with liquid scintillation, gamma and alpha spectroscopy; counting of total alpha/beta and determination of uranium abundance are accomplished in this unit. Radioactivity measurement and analysis are performed in various types of samples by advanced infrastructure and experience in the unit laboratories.

Radioactivity measurement and analysis are not only performed in the laboratories located in Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center, but also by mobile gamma spectrometers and air monitoring systems. The air monitoring systems are also used for the preparation of radiation map of Turkey, radioactive prospecting and for inspection of lost and/or stolen radiation sources.

In Radioactivity Measurement and Analysis Unit, radionuclide and radioactivity analysis are carried out by gamma, beta and alpha spectrometric methods for research and development activities conducted under Turkish Atomic Energy Authority  projects, for public bodies and corporations (universities, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, The Ministry of Health, Municipalities, Under Secretariat of Custom, Police, Gendarmerie etc.) in the frame of signed protocols and for private companies in environmental and food samples.

In this unit research on dating with C-14 technique for archaeological and geological samples containing carbon such as wood, coal, soil, seed, plant and seashell has just been started.