The nuclear parameters, which engage in the nuclear reactions of the neutrons are measured in the laboratory of 3 Am-241/Be neutron irradiation cells of 592 GBq each and the related gamma spectrometer. Within this framework, it is possible to measure the mass distribution of the fission products, which emanate from the fast fission reaction of U-238 and Th-232; the cross sections of fast neutron threshold detectors; the thermal and epithermal neutron cross sections together with the measurements of half life and neutron flux and the determination of the gamma energy intensities of the fission products etc. Moreover, it is also possible to conduct the quantitative analyses of approximately 50 elements between Na and U (both included) according to the nuclear properties of the related elements (like isotopic abundance, neutron cross section, half life, gamma energies and their intensity), within the range of  0.2 g and 4 x 10-6 g by neutron activation analysis (NAA) method.