The goal of fusion unit is to follow the worldwide improvements on the fusion studies and to realize novel researches. Since the energy sources decrease all over the world, fusion is considered as an alternative energy source. Researches are mainly carried out in two labs:   

1. Fusion Laboratory

Taking into account the worldwide improvements on the studies upon the tokamak, an original spheromak system was designed and constructed in early 1990’s. Tokamak can be considered as a basic transformator, the secondary coil of which is made from plasma. It has a confinement effect on the plasma media under certain voltages and pressure. STPC-E (Spherical Tokamak with Plasma Centerpost- Experiment) device at our Lab has been used for fusion researches for a few decades under one of the projects of IAEA.

Many novel studies on MHD, plasma and confinement from this device have been presented in different international scientific congress. Maksimal toroidal field from this device was measured around 1.3 kG and the plasma density was 1014-1016 cm-3. While 30-45 eV electron temperature was obtained in the experiments, plasma current was found about 1.5-1.8 kA.

2. Plasma Physics Laboratory

ODAK-3K plasma focus device is operational for common fusion researches in our Lab. The device is formed by a vacuum chamber in which two electrodes (i.e. one anode and 12 cathode bars surrounding it) are positioned. A high voltage supply is connected to a 15 µF load capacitor and an external resistance. In the PF side, the discharge current flows thorough a spark gap, and completes the circuit on a resistor after the formation of plasma sheaths.