Radioisotope Unit

Cekmece Nuclear Research and Training Center – Application Division



Preparation of  Ir-192 and Se-75  high activity sealed sources used in nondestructive  industrial radiography tests. 

Ir-192 Hot Cells


Central Radiopharmacy Laboratory

Quality control tests of cold kits and  radiopharmaceuticals produced in Turkey  or imported   from abroad. It is a reference laboratory of Health Ministry.


Radiochemical  Quality Control Laboratory    Radionuclidic Quality Control Laboratory


Development of new generation cold kits, radiopharmaceuticals and new radioisotope generators by  using national or international funds.


Every year once five days Basic Radiopharmacy Course is given for the staf working in nuclear medicine centers.If the candidate is succesfull in the examination a certificate is issued by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.


Basic Radiopharmacy Course (12-16 April 2010)