I. Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and its Application was held in İzmir between Oct. 23-27, 2000, and sponsored by IAEA, OECD/NEA, and Izmir Aegean University.

Contributing countries were Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan and Uzbekistan.

Number of participants was around 300 experts and scientists coming from those contributing countries and USA, Bulgaria, North Cyprus, Romania, Tataristan, Russia and international organizations like IAEA, and OECD/NEA.

366 papers and posters were submitted on the sessions with the topics "Nuclear Energy", "Application of Nuclear Techniques", and "Fundamental Nuclear Sciences", during the conference.

The papers submitted in the conference were printed as a CD (ISBN 975-19-2767-6) and a book with 2 volumes (ISBN 975-19-2768-4), and distributed to the participating countries.

The conference was also introduced on TV and press.