Vision of ANAEM

Vision of ANAEM is to become an innovative and productive training center both in research and education/training in the international acceptable Standards known as best practices in this field.

 The divisions and their duties are as follows;

  • Training Administration Division is aimed to perform an efficient, productive, standardized and systematized national and international trainings, and to ensure that these trainings be presented by qualified trainers. Also, aimed to make use current materials and sustain to update and improve them according to the needs. Cooperation with the other national related institutions and following them up can be counted among the duties of this division.
  • Training Application Division is appointed to arrange trainings on radiation protection, radiation safety, nuclear power, nuclear safety, nuclear assurance, nuclear technology and so on. The division is responsible for implementing Annual National Education Program approved by TAEK administration.
  • Public Information Division carries out its duties by arranging seminars, workshops, and congress, etc. by preparing and updating the written and visual materials, for the purpose of provision of effective and transparent public information for people or group who are in the range interest of.