Ankara Nuclear Research and Training Center

Ankara Nuclear Research and Training Center (ANAEM) was established on 18.08.2010 upon the Council of Ministers’ Decision, published on 30.09.2009 in the Official Gazette with the legislation number 27715.

The ANAEM is administrating its duties with three divisions and two sections at TAEK’s Beşevler Premises in order to perform national and also aiming international trainings in the nuclear field, such as radiation protection, radiation safety, nuclear power, nuclear safety, nuclear security, and on other nuclear applications as part of the national training programme approved by TAEK administration. The programme is announced in the beginning of that year in the TAEK’s website. The mentioned training courses held by ANAEM itself or in coordination of ANAEM are given by qualified instructors working in the field from which TAEK’s trainer/instructor repository or from the universities that have been working in parallel with the task materialized.

ANAEM’s main duty is to meet the qualified manpower needs for the industry and the state sector. All participants are granted and certified after having taken the exam arranged in accordance with their related field in nuclear.

The ANAEM has also responsibility in the issue of public information pursuant to nuclear field to inform the public with nuclear activities in way of transparency to provide/present satisfactory information on nuclear and radiation safety/security issues to/with the public who are of interest.

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