Uluslararası Etkinlikler

Başlık Gösterim
UAEA - "Master's and Doctoral Degree Programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology" - (B) 10
UAEA - "Regional Workshop on Use of EPRIMS and Completing Maritime Emergency Preparedness and Response Self-assessments for the Mediterranean Member States" - (B) 5
UAEA 2020-2021 Dönemi Teknik İşbirliği Programı Proje Teklifleri (B) 29
UAEA - "European School of Multimodality Imagining and Therapy (ESMIT) - Spring School 2018; Autumn Course 2018; Thyroid Course" - (B) 25
UAEA -"Meeting on Stakeholder Engagement for Sterile Male Mosquito Release Pilot Trials in Europe" - (B) 44
"Technical Meeting on the Use of Radiation-Grafted MembraneTechnologies for Cleaner and Sustainable Energy" , 07-11 Mayıs 2018, Viyana, Avusturya(S) 20
UAEA -"Technical Meeting on Production and Quality Control of Theranostic Labelled Peptides" (G) 33
"International Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material:The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection" (S) 57
UAEA - "ESTRO course Foundations of Leadership in Radiation Oncology" - (B) 68
UAEA - "Regional Workshop on Roles and Responsibilities in Radiation Protection in Medical Exposure" - (B) 49
UAEA-"Symposium on International Safeguards: Building Future Safeguards Capabilities"(G) 69
UAEA - "Regional Workshop on Sharing Good Practices in the Development and Implementation of Capacity Building Methodologies and on Introduction of the Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management Programme Concept and Project Coordination Meeting" - (B) 101
UAEA - "Regional Hands-on-Training Course on Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)" - (B) 99
Remote X-ray data collection from European synchrotrons at the Weizmann Institute of Science(S) 46
UAEA - "Regional Meeting on Application of the Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors – Ageing Management and Periodic Safety Review" - (B) 108
UAEA - "Intercontinental Nuclear Institute (INI) 2018 Fellowship Programme" - (B) 104
UAEA - "Joint IAEA/ILO Regional Workshop on Occupational Radiation Protection" - (B) 138
ITER_Consult “Radioactive sources in medical, industrial and research related applications” Eğitim Kursu(S) 67
UAEA - "International Conference on Challenges Faced by TSOs in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security: Ensuring Effective and Sustainable Expertise" - (B) 64
UAEA - "27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference" (FEC 2018) 86
UAEA Bölgelerarası (Interregional Projects - INT) Projelere Katılma Çağrısı 235
UAEA 2018-2019 Dönemi Bölgesel ve Bölgeler Arası Projelere Katılma Çağrısı 313
UAEA-International Training Course on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities 251